Our Lives Are What We Make 'Em

Josh Steinhart is a former New York City Public High School Music Teacher.  He spent decades playing keyboards and singing harmony vocals in multiple bands in the New York area before venturing out as a solo artist. Writing on piano and guitar, he crafts simple and honest songs that often belie his musical knowledge. 

Josh has received praise from such blogs as Chillfiltr, saying, “With the melodic pop-flavor of The Wallflowers, along with the beat-forward aesthetic of a band like Wilco, Josh Steinhart crafts a wistful reminiscence of the years gone by, seasoned with the salts of life and love.” and the Canadian blog Tinnitist, who notes “...So how he came to make Americana, heartland pop and alt-country that sounds like the creation of someone who grew up on a farm in the rural Midwest is anybody’s guess. But as long as he can deliver songs with the earthy sincerity and handcrafted beauty of the breezily endearing Pictures on the Wall, you won’t hear me complaining. Or anybody else, I would guess.”  

Josh Steinhart’s debut album, “Howlin’ At The Moon” was released in February of 2019.  Songs on the album range from alt-country, Americana, singer-songwriter and a jazz-based instrumental.

In 2021, he released a follow-up single, a duet with fellow Michigan-based singer-songwriter Annie Bacon, "Before The Morning".

Josh is currently in the studio recording new music to be released in 2023.

Josh Steinhart was born in Brooklyn, NY.  He has a love of all things Americana, and has been influenced by bands and musicians like Jason Isbell, Dawes, Gillian Welch, Bob Dylan, The Band, Jackson Browne and Tom Petty.  He taught high school music in New York for fourteen years until relocating to Michigan in 2018.

He is currently one of the members of the Detroit-based band The Tread Lightlies