The Tread Lightlies are a five-piece band concocting their own breed of rootsy Americana rock-n-roll inspired by The Band itself (because there really is no other). Some rock, some harmonies, a touch of country and blues . . . maybe a whiff of gospel, too.


The Tread Lightlies are all veterans of other musical and life pursuits. Keyboardist and songwriter Josh Steinhart hails from New York,  where he studied at NYU and later taught music in the NY public school district. Lead guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Nick Quinn is a long-gigging musician, who once opened a world tour for Ted Nugent. He’ll never live it down.  Bass thumper and harmony vocalist Jay Lowman plays in more bands than he can keep track of and drives a liquor truck by day. Drummer and sometime vocalist/songwriter Zach Levine practices medicine when he’s not behind a drum kit (he can play dobro, too). Rhythm guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Zach Peterson is a former journalist who spent time in two war zones before coming home to Michigan to eventually join The Tread Lightlies. Together, this five-piece band is honing their craft and bringing its sound to open ears everywhere.